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Techniques Employed In Cutting Iron1

Different Techniques Employed in Cutting Iron

Iron is the 4th largest available source in the crust of the earth. All metals are found along in raw form when they are extracted first and 90% of metals today are iron before they are refined.  The iron that is available in the crust of the earth is very pivotal for the ecosystem that comprises of plants, animals, and human beings. Here we would love to bring to your notice that the words iron and steel are at times interchangeably used. However, they are not same. Iron is an element whereas steel is an alloy that comprises of iron and carbon. Iron takes the major portion of this alloy.

The purest form of iron is unobtainable as it is relatively soft and molding becomes tough. That is why it is used in other forms that alloys such as cast iron, steel, etc.  When it comes to cast-iron and steel, most people believe that steel is stronger than cast iron, but the truth is the other way round. Cast iron is stronger than steel. So here we are going to see some of the techniques that are used in cutting iron.

Techniques Employed in Cutting Iron

Iron Cutting Techniques:

The technique that is employed to cut any metal depends on the output that is required. This concept goes for iron as well. So the following are the iron cutting techniques that are used to cut iron, let us begin with the latest version:

  • By using machinery
  • By using hand tools
  • Laser Cutting:

Laser Cutting:

Laser Cutting is relatively the latest method in cutting technology that is used to cut metal. The word laser is enough to explain the process that iron goes through. In laser method, there is a beam of light that passes through the metal and bifurcates the metal into pieces. So these light beams are at a heat that is beyond the melting point of the metal. So as soon as the light gets in contact with the surface of the metal, the metal surface is cut. Laser technique is applied when other conventional techniques fail to produce the desired results.

By using machinery:

The second method to cut iron is by using machinery. These are somewhere in between the laser technology and simple tools that are used to cut iron. This technique is further classified under the heads: Grinder, Lathe, Punch, Water Jet, Flame, and Plasma. Depending on how smooth the surface of the cut iron is expected, one among the above-stated methods is used to cut iron.

By using hand tools:

This is the simplest of all techniques that are used to cut. The technique of using hand tools to cut iron is used when the iron objects are relatively small. This is because when iron pieces are small using heavy machinery or laser techniques to cut them mush distort the whole iron since small pieces cannot take so much of pressure. So here hand tools like hand shears and hacksaws are used to cut iron.