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Metal cutting techniques

There are a lot of different types of metals, and each one of them requires a unique method when it comes to cutting. There are a lot of metal cutting techniques and when you choose a particular method for your project you need to make sure that your choice depends on the type of metal you are using, the level of precision and the intended usage. The below are some of the metal cutting techniques:

Using hand tools:

For cutting small and thin metals, you can use hand shears and hacksaws. If you happen to have a project where you will have to use malleable metals like the thinner gauge aluminium these hand cutting tools will be perfect. If you happen to have a project where you want to cut metals into small pieces, you might not want to use this method. You will end up applying more force and break the metal. You can also use a chisel to remove all the extra metal pieces and to shape the piece that you have cut.

Machine Cutting:

If you happen to be working on larger projects which involves huge and robust metals you can consider using machine cutting for fine pieces of metal. If you want your finished metal pieces to be extremely smooth, you need to use a grinder which has a rotating blade that uses friction smoothen the surface of the metal until you achieve the desired shape you want for your project.

If you want to make perfect sharp cuts, the best option for you is to use a lathe. Lathe machines make extremely precise cuts and if you are particular about getting the shape you want you to need to use a lathe machine to get your desired shape. Lathe machine offers you the highest degree of precession, and you can use it to do your project.


Punch uses force to shape the metals. If you happen to have metals that are robust, you can use the Punch machine to cut your metals. A punch machine applies so much force, and it can bend any metal. The metals which are cut from the punch machine are quite productive.

Water Jet:

You may never know the power of water. Now you can even cut your metals using water. When water is mixed with abrasive compounds and concentrated into one particular point with a high force, you will be able to cut the metal. You can use this method if your project uses metals which are sensitive to heat and other flammable gas.


Flame and Plasma:

Flame and plasma use flammable gas that cuts through the metal. You are basically using a hot burning torch to cut the metal into the desired shape and size. Plasma cutting methods are also very precise, and you can cut metals into minute pieces using this technique.