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Steel Cutter

The Best Steel-cutting Technology in 2018

The biggest thing to take into consideration is the fact that with every passing year, technology seems to change and improve which ultimately pushes the world forward in some sense.

Technology plays a major role in every part of our lives and continues to push us forward in many different facets. Even cutting steel.

Who would’ve thought that something that used to be so irrelevant to the technological world would become advanced and bought on a daily basis, to furthermore push the envelope of everything humans can do and create.

If some of the top retailers and brands all across the globe, sells us convenience every day of our lives, then we guess these top steel-cutters will make some sort of a difference to the average handy man’s or designer’s life.

The Best of 2018

3D Metal Printers

Even though 3D printing has been around for the past two decades, printing in 3D today has completely changed the meaning of the concept as a whole. Some only used to print in 3D due to their hobbies but today, people print for the purpose of design that contributes to working, architecture and art in general.  Although 3D metal printing started out as expensive, technology has found its way to make it a lot cheaper, as well as faster to print.

These printers have sparked major controversy in the way we manufacture and create products as this method could easily be used to create practical products, minus the extreme price tags thereof. This will only be the case if widely adopted, however.


Sensing Cities

A what? As an ambitious goal, technology has yet again taken it one step further. A new project in Canada has to lead to changing the pattern of many failures by rethinking the traditional urban neighbourhood from planning to finish. The focus has shifted to planning these cities around digital technology that improves convenience even more than ever before. In collaboration with labs that are based in New York City, this high-tech project is set to help design and structure Toronto’s industrial waterfront.

One of the main goals of this project is to focus all decisions regarding policies, technologies and design on information that is derived from an impressive network of data. This network of data is focused on everything from noise levels in cities to the daily activities of life. This plan will turn vehicles into autonomous transportation and will allow for robots to roam underground and perform millennial chores. Run by Sidewalk Labs, the company claims it will allow for access to systems and software in order for companies to build services on top of these robots.  The company will also be monitoring public infrastructure which has raised concerns about privacy and data governance.

One thing we humans must never forget is that technology can be wonderful but when misused for purposes like these, it could have a worse impact than what it could add to the world.  Pretty cool though.

Artificial Embryos

As a breakthrough in technology, that doesn’t even need eggs or sperm cells, scientists and researchers have found a way to create embryo-like structures from stem cells which provided an entirely new route of creating life. Now, while we’re on the edge of our seats thinking about just how this is possible, we’re not sure it’s a discovery for the best, but it is quite interesting at that. It includes the placement of cells carefully within a 3D scaffold and waits for it to communicate and line up into a distinctive bullet shape of an embryo of a mouse that is merely a few days old.