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Things that you probably didn’t know about Vertical Turning

In metallurgy, there is something called the turning process. This turning process is of the methods employed in cleaning the material that is placed in the turning machine. There is a swindle that is attached to the turning machine. It has the iron or the metal body and rotates at a speed where the impurities are removed. This is called turning process. So in simple words turning is a material removal process that is used in the iron and other relevant metal industries.

Vertical Turning

There are certain things that the turning process requires:

  • Turning Machine: Turning machine or the lathe is the equipment that is used to clear the unwanted materials out of the way.
  • Cutting tools and Fixture: Cutting tools and Fixtures are required in any manufacturing and industrial process
  • Workpiece: Work Piece is the item on which you are going to work. The product or the metal that requires purification is called the ‘workpiece.’

Classification of turning machine:

The classification of the turning machine is based on the axis in which the swindle moves. So there are broadly two types the vertical type and the horizontal type.

Horizontal is further classified into

  • Horizontal Compact
  • Horizontal High-performance
  • Horizontal Multi-tasking
  • Horizontal Multi-axis
  • Horizontal Twin swindle

Vertical has two types

  • Vertical
  • Vertical Ram Type

There is also another type of classification based on the work a turning machine is capable of doing.

  • Automatic Lathe
  • Semi-automatic lathe
  • Manual Lathe

The types are self-explanatory. As their names suggest, if the machine carries out the work all by itself then it is called automatic lathe, if it can follow some process by itself and looks for your instruction and interference then it is known as semi-automatic. In most of the cases, semi-automatic is also considered as manual. However, in the earlier stages when lathe machines came into existence they were entirely operated manually. There was nothing called semi-automatic.


The process of the turning machine involves the following factors

Load and unload time: the workpiece that the machine works with is going to be heavy thereby there is going to be a separate time consumption for loading and unloading the machine.

Cut time: Cut time is the process that takes place inside the turning machine. The machine cuts and does away with all the unwanted elements stuck to the workpiece.

Idle time: Idle time is when the machine rests and doesn’t work. No matter what the machining process is, there involves some idle time.

Tool replacement time: there might be chances where the tool inside the machine requires replacement, and it has to be done to make sure that the work of the lathe is not interrupted. The time consumed here is called the tool replacement time.

Turning centers:

Now it is not too difficult to comprehend what a turning center is. A place where all the above-stated process takes place is called the turning center. These turning centers are found in large numbers in sectors that are highly involved in iron or some other metal manufacturing activity.